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[Jun 4th, 2006]
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L O C K E D [May 15th, 2006]

you thought this shit would be public!?

Yeah. Right. Get over it. Like I'm going to display myself so openly like that.

Now, here's the thing. I like to know my LJ friends and I like my LJ friends to know me. So before you do ANYTHING go and read my userinfo to make sure you really want to be added. I'm not going to add you just to be cut soon after because we don't have the same interests.

Then you do this:
Add me first
Comment here saying the following things -
Your name, age, how you found me, why you want to be added

If I don't know these things you probably won't get added. Then wait patiently for a reply, kk? Thats it.
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MY NEWS [Aug 5th, 2005]

In a way, you could say I am leaving LiveJournal. But actually, not so much.
More so, the "journalling" of it.

I have created a special journal : versant which is for participation in various communities. I also want to give back to people, so I have created a community britishglamour

I have just got a sense of style and sassiness. I created this community to give people (not just british people) info on new fashions and shops. Aswell as the stars we love, whose in britain and why & other celebrity news.

Its under construction at the moment but I would appreciate it if you would join and support and PROMOTE(!!!) whilst I get it up.

I'll also need savvy representatives from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (maybe another english one, but not just yet)

So if you are from any of those countries let me know.

Thanks all and join britishglamour
More communities to go into my collective are on the way!

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[Jul 8th, 2005]

Thursday 7th July 2005

"I don't ever want to feel like I did that day.
Take me to the place I love.
Take me far away.
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[May 29th, 2005]
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Go join now now now now now now now now. Tis brand new, liikke! hehe.

And oh yeah, if you are snazzy at making icons you can apply there too.

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